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That’s great, but who are we?

We're a top agricultural service provider specialising in electronic livestock identification, recording and traceability. In a nutshell, we offer new systems and technology, tailored to help your business grow. We can save you time and money in the long run.

The Need for Modern,
Accurate Farming Technology

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Staying compliant can be difficult when you need to track and record all your stock accurately. It can be even worse when you mismanage this data or fall behind in compliance.

We saw first-hand that many businesses' didn’t have an easy way to record accurate, essential data from their animals.

We created Agtrac in 2004, to solve these issues (and more) for agricultural providers. Our team's made up of farmers and service providers. We have experience in all areas of farming and can help with all your animal recording requirements.

Agricultural Experience and Know-How

We know how we can help our farmers, and we have the practical experience to back it up. We've worked alongside farmers and their top service providers for over 15 years. We also work with our customers to learn their business requirements, ensuring that we recommend solutions that will work for them.

We've completed projects that are both large-scale and small. Doing this has added to our technical and practical knowledge. We make sure our advice is always achievable and practical.

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Tru-Test's EID Experts

Our team have been working in EID technology for 15 years, assisting farms across the globe, and associated service providers. We've also been the technical experts for Tru-Test, and have been responsible for helping Tru-Test's customers to get the most out of their technology.

Because of this, we have exclusive access to tools and technological knowledge which we can provide to you.

New Zealand Made, Globally Used

We recognise that the need for improved tools and technology for recording accurate (and useable) data affects more than just Kiwi farmers. As such, we currently action over 15,000 cases a year with 100's of global customers.

Are you ready to better your business?