Tissue Sampling

Get to know your animals in more detail with Agtrac's on-farm tissue sampling services.

Take the guess work out of correctly identifying your offspring to their dam in the paddock. Find out if your dairy cows are A2/A2 for milk production. 

Hire one of our trained technicians to come out to your farm and take tissue samples. Ensure each sample is verified by a third-party reducing the risk for unusable samples or incorrectly sampled animals.

Using the latest on-farm sampling and data capturing technology, we are able to provide a high level of accuracy.

We will work with you to get the samples sent off and analysed by your respected laboratory (Genomnz, LIC, Analytica, etc) and support you filling out your submission forms.

Call us (0800 248 722) to get a free quote for our services or to purchase tissue sampling units (TSU's) for you to sample your animals yourself.

Brad + Farmer compressor v2

Agtrac offer a range of services for farmers and commercial clients to accurately and efficiently take tissue samples from your livestock for a range of testing options:

  • DNA parentage 

  • BVD

  • A2/A2

  • Gene tests

If you're a business and require a custom DNA or tissue sampling solution, contact us to find out how we can build a custom data capturing option for your business.

Lets get sampling