Agtrac successfully DNA test 22,000 dairy cattle within 6 weeks

24 November 2021
A total of 22,000 dairy cows were selected from 54 farms to be tested in the first year...

Covid-19 Update - Agtrac is working remotely

25 March 2020
Learn more about Covid-19 and how you can do your part.

Accurate data is critical to successful venison genetics

02 February 2020
Melior Genetics is a high-profile stud operation focused on venison genetics. With a calving operation of 1,300 elite stud hinds...

An electronic system - introducing new way of working

01 December 2019
New national requirements meant an immediate, significant upscaling of data collection activity for AsureQuality’s Tuberculosis team.

Building a workforce for rapid response

19 November 2019
As New Zealand braced for a major bio security issue, AsureQuality was tasked with operational responsibilities for managing, developing and delivering the capability for the response.

Strengthening genomic predictions and increasing reliability

19 July 2019
Agtrac’s understanding and experience around the logistics of data collection and data recording on-farm meant we could offer a problem-solving approach.
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