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Zebra Technologies Label and Barcode Printers

Agtrac are a supplier of world-leading Zebra Technologies for all agricultural requirements and practices. Whether you need a printer to print barcode labels or receipts, Agtrac we can have printers configured in-house and sent out directly to your doorsteps.

Common configurations: 

  • Fleece (wool) and Velvet recording - Printing a barcode label associated with an animal electronic ID or visual ID number.
  • DNA Sampling - Printing a barcode associated with an animal ID number and the DNA sample reference number.
  • Blood Sampling - Printing a barcode label associated with an animal electronic ID or visual ID number.
  • Animal Receipts - Print a list of scanned animals for auditing purposes.

We can work with you to design, programme and configure the Zebra barcode printers for integrating with your systems. We work with the best agriculture device brands (Tru-Test, Gallagher, Allflex, Z Tags, etc) to ensure your Zebra barcode printer will work with them.

Contact us to speak with one of our Livestock Data Advisors to learn more about our range of printers and how they could benefit your operation.

Zebra ZQ500 Series Printers

Zebra ZQ511 and ZQ521 mobile printers
Zebra ZQ511 and ZQ521 mobile printers

The Zebra ZQ500 series (ZQ511 and ZQ521) mobile printers are user-friendly and easy to use premium barcode and label printers. They have been designed for extreme environments to withstand bangs, bumps and drops making them perfect to work in agricultural environments.

Agtrac are the largest seller of Zebra ZQ500 series printers in New Zealand. The ZQ500's are programmed to integrate with your Tru-Test (XRS2, SRS2, XRP2 and 5000 series) or Gallagher (HR5) devices to capture and print the data you require. 

We provide proactive support and servicing of the printers when you purchase through Agtrac.

Depending on what you require the printer to perform, we can assist with recommendations of associated devices and getting them setup or programmed correctly.

For more information or pricing, contact one of our livestock data advisors for assistance.

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