Agri-Data Services

Agtrac can assist you in accurately managing your RFID cattle or deer records for to ensure accurate collection and data management.

Agtrac's team have been helping farmers with data management since 2012 and have a range of solutions to help you get on top of your records.

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We make it easy for you to keep your farm records up to date and ensure you're compliant with accurate traceability records.

Talk to us about our wide range of on farm and ag-data related services:

  • On-farm animal audits

  • Animal identification or verification audits

  • Purchasing of animal identification tags

If you are finding the process challenging and time-consuming, we can make it easy for you.


On-farm Animal Audits

Agtrac can work with you to ensure all your animals on your farm are accounted for providing you with accurate animal records for your data management systems.

It is important for on-farm animal management systems to have the latest and most accurate records of animals to ensure all management requirements can be sufficiently conducted on the correct animals.

We will come out to your farm and utilise your existing animal records (MINDA, CRV, etc) to cross-reference what we scan and visually see to ensure all animal identification and any other information is recorded correctly in your systems.

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Animal identification & verification audits

If you don't require one of Agtrac's trained technicians to come out to your farm, we can still support you remotely. We can ensure that the data captured is correctly cross-referenced to your animal data management systems (MINDA, myHERD) and all animal records are updated.

You can book in a time to have one of our in-house technicians talk you through the best process for capturing your animal data then have them update your animal records along side you.

Animal Identification tags

You can request a quote or talk to one of our expert Livestock Data specialists (0800 248 722). They can help with cattle, sheep, deer, goats or any other livestock you may need identification support with.

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