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Every business has different goals,  systems, and resources. We’ve got the experience and skills to tailor a solution to meet your business needs.

We achieve this by working through a structured approach to better understand your business, to tailor our product mix into an integrated solution.

Identification and Electronic ID Tags

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We supply a wide range of visual and electronic tags from New Zealand’s premier manufacturers (Zeetags and Allflex).

We keep in mind how livestock tags fit in as part of the more comprehensive solution.  An example is updating your recording devices and software with the matching visual and electronic tag file from the manufacturer.

To find out about how Agtrac can help you with your tags and what you should be using, get in touch with our livestock data specialists!

Weighing and Data Capturing Devices

We have partnered with Datamars to supply a comprehensive range of Tru-Test weighing and data capture devices.

Our point of difference is our ability to support meaningful decisions by tailoring these devices to collate, present, and manage relevant livestock data.

We also ensure that these devices integrate with existing systems, which include other devices and third-party software. 

We then invest time into providing targeted training to ensure you are confident in getting the most from your investment. 

Our highly regarded AGDATA Service is then available to provide on-going remote support.

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Datamars Livestock Management System

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Datamars Livestock has become an essential component of our tailored solutions due to its ability to seamlessly consolidate and then present livestock information within an easy to use online management system.

As with the on-farm devices, we can configure Datamars Livestock to present livestock information tailored to your business needs.

Also, we can provide online access to your more extensive business network to leverage their capabilities better.

As with all parts of our integrated solutions, we can provide targeted training backed up by our AGDATA service.

Multi-Farm Livestock Logistics & Traceability

In conjunction with Datamars Livestock, we have access to sophisticated logistic tools that allow for multi-farm reporting.

Our highly experienced project managers, supported by specialist technicians, can customise and manage the logistical requirements for large-scale, multi-farm traceability projects.

  • Professional advice on how to avoid complex systems
  • Accurate and timely supply of individual animal data
  • Can include livestock export logistics, genetic programs and value chain logistics

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