Technician Services

Do you need an on-farm data collection or sampling service?

Agtrac provide leading technician services throughout New Zealand.

We’re experienced in many different on-farm requirements for data and animal sampling ensuring the quality of collection is upheld without any implications. Retaining and accurately capturing data on-farm is key to a good technician service.


Agtrac offer a range of services direct to agricultural clients from our general data collection services or we can work with you and your business to implement, setup and manage a custom technician service solution catering to your requirements. We have developed several custom solutions for large-scale companies who continue to use our services.

Using our 3 step process we can focus on what your business requires, easily and efficiently getting a service up and running to capture all your on-farm requirements. 

We have expertise in but not limited to weighing, blood, tissue and faecal sampling, animal data collection, body condition scoring. If you need us to capture data or samples we can provide a service tailored to you.

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Developing a fast and efficient solution for the DNA collection and data verification of 100,000 dairy cattle over several years.  This was part of a larger road map from CRV to help establish and grow a greater DNA database of dairy cattle customers.

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As New Zealand braced for a major biosecurity issue, AsureQuality was tasked with operational responsibilities for managing, developing and delivering the capability for the response. To move quickly and decisively, AsureQuality called on Agtrac.

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