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Accurate data is critical to successful venison genetics

02 February 2020

Supplying venison genetics is a specialist business - farmers need to be highly skilled deer managers, as well as savvy business people to run a successful operation. Improving genetics to breed more profitable deer requires balancing accurate data recording with the smart use of this information.

Melior Genetics is a high-profile stud operation focused on venison genetics. With a calving operation of 1,300 elite stud hinds, Melior venison farm managers Danielle and Matt Clearwater understand that analysing and selecting the best animals are critical to their operation.

Tom and Sam with Deer 1

Photo courtesy of Sam McFarlane of Melior Genetics

 We’re looked upon as one of the leading providers of venison genetics in the country, so genetic progress is key, as is accurate data recording to prove that we’re making progress in all avenues" Says Melior owner Tom McFarlane.

The Tru-Test XR5000 weigh scale and XRS2 stick reader, supported by Datamars Livestock’s cloud software is an integral part of Danielle and Matt’s operation. This combined solution gives Melior Genetics a platform to accurately record all data against tags electronically and visually, reducing human error, and allowing a geographically spread management team easy access to a cloud database which they can use to view and manage farm data and stock records.

Tom weighing Deer

Photo courtesy of Sam McFarlane of Melior Genetics


Danielle says, “Once set up you can fly through whatever task you are doing, whether it’s weighing live weight or velvet, or recording for tagging, DNA sampled, pregnancy scanning, drafting or recording mating or parentage info.”

Tom says, “It’s easy to download files and manipulate the information into the data we are after and a huge benefit is the ability for multiple people to be working on a common file at the same time, allowing genetics and office staff to see live animals on-farm and their status”.

Datamars Livestock’s ability to link to other farming software is also a huge advantage,” says Matt, who regularly transfers information to FarmIQ and NAIT.

One of the drawcards of the Tru-Test Datamars solution for Melior is the outstanding level of support provided. Datamars Livestock specialists, Agtrac, supports customers to get up and running with their weighing and EID requirements, providing advice when farmers need it, including the advantage of using remote access tools for support and training.

XRS2 scanning Deer

Photo courtesy of Sam McFarlane of Melior Genetics


Danielle says, “Support has been great, I do call quite regularly and there is always a friendly and helpful person on the other end of the line.”

Tom adds, “Personally Agtrac have helped me see the big picture of where we needed to get to and taken on my feedback for practical improvements to the system. The support is fantastic, both technically and practically.”

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