NAIT Provider Services

Agtrac can assist you in accurately managing your cattle or deer for National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) compliance.

Agtrac's NAIT accredited team have been helping farmers with compliance since 2012.

NAIT Services

We make it easy for you to keep your NAIT records up to date and ensure you're compliant with accurate traceability records.

From over the phone assistance to being on-farm we can ensure you can remain compliant for all your NAIT related data.

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Talk to us about our wide range of NAIT related services:

  • Animal movements (sending and receiving) and registrations.
  • On-farm animal stock takes.
  • Animal identification or verification audits.
  • Purchasing of animal identification tags.

 If you are finding the process challenging and time-consuming, we can take the pain away!

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On-farm Animal Audits

Agtrac can work with you to ensure all your animals on farm are accounted for providing you with accurate records for your farm management and NAIT if required. 

This is a straightforward process that can save you time, money and help with becoming compliant under NAIT.

We work with your existing animal databases (NAIT, MINDA, etc) to cross-reference previous records to ensure all animal identification and any other information you want (breed, sex) is recorded.


About Us

Agtrac are specialists in Livestock EID technology and data management. We ensure data is timely, accurate and makes sense.

Accurate data helps to drive efficiency and profitability.

Come and have a chat with us and we can work together to support you and your NAIT compliance.


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